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Tips for masseuses to make their session the best

If you are a masseuse who provides erotic massage, then you might wonder about what more you can do to enhance the whole experience. Well, there are lots of things you can do, but when it comes to eroticism, there are certain things that is totally necessary. Hence, we have compiled those points in this post to make sure that you are delivering the best service. So, keep on reading to increase more knowledge.

Ambiance is the key to success

If you want your client to enjoy every single second of your time, then make sure that you bring some scented candles. Experts believe that scented candles makes a person feel more relaxed and it helps them get in the mood. Once our client is totally relaxed, you can start working on your client and make them happy. Scent is really important for ambiance and if you want you can choose lavender as it smells really nice.

Dim the lights

Too much lightning can ruin the mood for your client, hence you should always use dim lightning. Don’t turn off the lights totally because that will be too dark to concentrate. Hence slightly dim lights along with scented candles will definitely help a lot. You will notice that your client is enjoying this a lot.

Use water based oils and good towels

Erotic massage can be quite messy if you are not using proper towels as oil will flow down the body. Moreover, you also need water based oils to ensure that you can work with it on your client’s body properly. Hence, make sure that you have these things with you once you go for massage.

Wear something sexy

Yes, this is very important since you will be turning your clients on by wearing something sexy. Men love to see women in short clothing and once your clients see you in short clothing, they will be in a good mood. Hence, always have something with you that is way too sexy.


To conclude this post, we would like to say that above given points are just suggestion and if you follow these tips then you will definitely get benefits. But if you have something more on your mind, then you can add it up with these tips too. Just make sure that you learn new things every single day to become the best masseuse out there.

Tips for masseuses to make their session the best
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